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Jose Solano was born in Inglewood, California. He was raised in Daly City, just South of San Francisco, California. Jose's family is very close knit Nicaraguan clan. Jose has two younger brothers and they were all raised to recognize the importance of their Latin American roots. Their parents also taught them the importance of God and family at a very early age, as they have very strong ties to their Community's Church and native culture. Because they are American, they celebrate American holidays besides as well as Latin holidays.

Jose was an athletic child. He won awards as a teenager, including a Jr. Olympics medal in soccer. In High School, he shattered two cross-country track records and was named his soccer team's 'Most Valuable Player' for several years in a row. Athletic ability seems to run in the family, as his two younger brothers participated in sports as well. Jose grew up on 'Star Wars,' and is an avid 'Star Wars' fan. He is hoping that the new movies will have a Latino hero.

Upon Graduation from High School, he joined the Navy and served on an amphibious assault ship during the Persian Gulf War. After the war, Jose settled in San Francisco with his family. He continued his education and earned his Associate of Arts Degree. He decided that he wanted that he wanted to pursue acting. For him, success meant that if he made it, then his family would make it as well. His family supported his decision. His Father became his manager.

He was working in retail in the mall when he got a call from an Agent. The producers of 'Baywatch' wanted him to audition for the part of Manny Gutierrez. They had seen his photo and profile in 'YM' magazine. He had been named 'YM' magazine's 'Man of the Year.' This was a big chance for him to move on to the next step of his goal. Jose asked for the days off in order to audition for the part and was refused! Can you believe that? With that decision being unacceptable, he was forced to quit his job.

It was one of the best decisions he has ever made! As he has never had to even look back! Jose really wanted this so he had to drive back and forth for 8 hours to audition for the role. To prepare himself for the reading, he learned his lines on the way while driving to the studio. Jose had to audition three times, but he finally secured the role, putting an end to the producers month long search. This made him the first regular Latino cast member.

He was named as one of the 'Most Beautiful People in the World,' and was awarded the 'Nosotros Golden Eagle Award' for the 'Most Promising Actor of 1997' by Ricardo Montalban (Fantasy Island). Jose sang lead vocals on the song entitled 'Rescue Me' from the 'Arti the One Man Party's' house music CD. He is thinking of becoming a recording star.

He participated as a member of the 'Entertainment Tonight's Celebrity Relay Race,' breaking a 16-year standing record to bring his team to victory. He has won his first triathlon in 1997. Jose has made a 1997 appearance on the talk show 'VIBE' along with 'Baywatch Nights' actor Dorian Gregory and other TV stars to model clothing. Jose modeled swimwear.

With two younger brothers, he has always tried to be a positive role model and has hopes that his role on 'Baywatch' will encourage others to go after their dreams. With his hard working character Manny having a bit of a more serious storyline in the 8th season (1997-1998) as a full-fledged 18 year old Lifeguard, he hopes that others (directors and producers) will notice his work and it will open the door for other roles in his career.

Jose has particular interest in environmental issues, and realizes that if something isn't done to clean it up and protect it, the environment won't be able to sustain life for our children in an estimated 50 or 60 years from now. He is doing a 'Public Service Announcement' for environmental issues. He also has strong feelings about youngsters doing healthy activities rather than joining the destructive and violent ranks of gangs. Jose also warns young people to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

Birthdate: February 22, 1971
Birthplace: Inglewood, California
Current Residence: San Francisco, California
Marital Status: Single (potential girlfriends are still approved by both parents)
Hair/Eyes: Brownish Black/Dark Brown
Height/weight: Unavailable
Heritage: Latino/Nicaraguan decent
Education: College/City College of San Francisco/Associate of Arts Degree
Parents: Unavailable/Father manages his career/Mother brings 'arroz con pollo' dinners to the set whenever she can
Children: None
Siblings: 2 younger brothers/Youngest is in 2nd year of college and studying to become a mechanical engineer. Middle brother was accepted to UC Davis on s wrestling scholarship
When you got started in show business: Winning the role of Manny Gutierrez on 'Baywatch,' his first ever acting job
Hobbies/Interests: 'Star Wars' fan, Body Sculpting, Billiards, Cycling, Tennis, Golf, Swim Training and Competitions, Body Surfing, Boogie Boarding, Surf Skiing, Music, Thinking about becoming a recording star, Strong ties with his Community Church
Languages: Bilingual/English and Spanish

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