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One could say that Michael Newman was one of those children who was destined to be a Lifeguard. He started his career as a Lifeguard at the age of 10, when he was a Santa Monica Junior Lifeguard. He displayed excellent swimming ability, which helped him to excel at water sports. Michael later attended Pacific Palisades High School. He was a real water athlete, and used his talents as a member of the school's Swimming and Water polo teams. Michael achieved 'All-American' Status a member of a national record setting relay team.

Michael was a real 'California Surfer Boy' while in high school and would spend weekends and summers on the road, traveling up and down the coast from Mexico to Santa Cruz in his Volkswagen Van, searching for the best waves. He also liked skin diving and skateboarding.

Michael continued his education by attending college at the University of California at Santa Barbara, which had a reputation as a real surfer school. Michael majored in advertising. Michael's older brother was a Los Angeles County Lifeguard. At the age of 19 Michael followed in his brother's footsteps by starting an intense swimming workout routine twice a day to ensure a place in the training process.

He was a member of the swimming team in college, and won 'All American' Status for four years straight. Michael remained undefeated in the 200m in his senior year. Swimming competitively enabled Michael to meet his future wife Sarah, as she was also a swimming team member.

Michael took the Los Angeles Firefighter's exam while waiting to get hired as a full-time Lifeguard. He adapted quickly and found similarities between Firefighting and Lifeguarding. Lifeguard Greg Bonann was a friend and helped Michael get his idea to do a television series about Lifeguards sold. Greg promised to give him work on the pilot if it prove successful. After 'Panic on Malibu Pier' the movie and pilot for the show, the idea came on NBC as TV's 'Baywatch.' It was cancelled after the first season, the worst move on NBC's part. Not wanting to 'can' the show, the star (and now one of the executive producers), David Hasselhoff got together with others associated with 'Baywatch' to get foreign backers and it was back on in syndication. 'Baywatch' became the most popular television show in the world.

Michael not only serves as a technical consultant to ensure that scenes are done correctly, but as one of the Lifeguards. The situations on the show are taken from real-life rescues in which Michael has been involved. 'The 'American Red Cross' with the 1995 Spirit Award acknowledged Baywatch's entire cast! This is an award given to individuals who have demonstrated by example a sense of commitment and concern for their fellow man.

Before the show's 7th season (1996-1997), the cast made an appearance on 'Oprah' as she did a show on 'Baywatch.' Oprah actually went behind the scenes and even met most of the new cast members. She interviewed Pamela Lee, David Hasselhoff and Jeremy Jackson. She took one of the tank swimsuits that actually belonged to one of the cast member's wardrobe for the show. This was the year that Michael was going to be added to the regular cast in the opening credits. The exposure of the show has made him an international star over the years.

On the competitive side, Michael won his share of Lifeguard Competitions; including the '1996 National Ironman Championship' that was held that Summer. It involves a grueling swim, followed immediately by a paddleboard leg and finally the single man dory race through the surf and back to the finish. Michael has represented the United States around the world, winning competitions in places like New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa.

Michael is the only regular cast member that is an actively working Senior Lifeguard. His international fame has sparked tons of fan mail from around the world and his own official fan club. Michael and his wife Sarah live in Pacific Palisades, California with their two children Chris, and Emily.

Birth Name . . . Krista Allen-Moritt
Birthdate . . . April 5, 1972
Birthplace . . . Ventura, California
Current Residence . . . Hollywod Duplex, Los Angeles, California
Marital Status . . . married to Justin Moritt, film producer (September 14, 1996)
Hair/Eyes . . . Dark Brown/Hazel
Height/weight . . . unavailable
Heritage . . . Irish and Portuguese
Education . . . College/University of Texas
Parents . . . father Dalton, mother Katherine, divorced
Children . . . Son, Jacob Nolan Moritt (12 July 1997)
Siblings . . . brother Dal Jr
Start in show business . . . as a teenager modeled in her hometown of Houston, Texas, won the title of 'Miss Texas'
Hobbies/Interests . . . loves children, animals, poetry, antiques, artwork and charities
Pets . . . Lucky & Muppet (two dogs)

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