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Richard Hanley Jaeckel was born on October 10, 1926 in Long Beach, New York. He was married to Antoinette Marches. They had 2 sons. One of his sons, Barry is a former touring PGA golfer. Richard died of cancer on June 14, 1997 in Woodland Hills, California.

Richard had a pretty impressive credits resume. His many films included 'Martial Outlaw' as Mr. White in 1993, 'The King of the Kickboxers' in 1991 as Captain O' Day and 'Delta Force 2: Operation Stranglehold' in 1990 as John Page. He also appeared in the TV movie, 'The Supercarrier' as master chief Sam Rivers in 1988, 'Black Moon Rising' in 1986 as Earl Wisdom, 'Maquina de matar' in 1986, 'The Dirty Dozen: The Next Mission' as Sgt. Bowren in 1985 and 'Pacific Inferno' in 1985.

In 1984 he appeared in 'The Fix', 'Starman' in 1984, 'Airplane II: The Sequel' as Controller #2 in 1982, 'Blood Song' in 1982, 'Cold River' in 1992, '?All the Marbles' in 1981, The TV movie 'Awakening of Candra' in 1981, 'Mr. No Legs' in 1981 and 'The $5.20 an Hour Dream' in 1980.

Some of his 1970 movies are the miniseries 'Centennial' in 1978, the movie 'Go west, Young Girl' in 1978, 'The Drowning Pool' in 1975 and 'The Last Day' in 1975.

He will always be in the hearts of the 'Baywatch' fans around the world for his wonderful portrayal of Lieutenant Ben Edwards on the syndicated show from the 2nd through the 4th seasons. He also was in the show's pilot movie, 'Baywatch: Panic at Malibu Pier'/NBC as Al.

His other works include 'Walking Tall Part II' in 1975 as Stud Pardee, Firehouse in 1972 as Hank Myers, 'The Green Slime' as Vince Elliot in 1969, 'The Dirty Dozen' as Sgt. Bowren in 1967, 'Once Before I Die' in 1965, 'Cowboy' in 1958 as Paul Curtis, '3:10 to Yuma' in 1957 as Charlie Prince, 'Big Leaguer' in 1953 as Bobby Bronson, 'Come Back, Little Sheba' in 1952 as Turk Fisher, 'The Gunfighter' in 1950 as Eddie, 'Fighting Coast Guard' in 1951, 'Battleground' in 1949 as Bettis, 'Jungle Patrol' in 1948 as Dick and 'Guadalcanal Diary in 1943 as Pvt. Johnny 'Chicken' Anderson.

Richard has made many notable TV guest appearances on shows as 'Murder She Wrote' in 1984, 'Charlie's Angeles' in 1976, 'Cannon' in 1971, 'The F.B.I.' in 1965, 'Mission Impossible' in 1966, 'The Time Tunnel' in 1966, 'Gunsmoke' in 1955, and the 'Wild, Wild West' in 1965. He also appeared on 'Temple Houston' in 1963, 'Combat!' in 1962, 'Wagon Train' in 1957, 'The Untouchables' in 1959, 'Zane Grey Theater' in 19 56 and 'The Rebel' in 1959.

His TV series included Baywatch for 3 seasons as Lieutenant Ben Edwards, 'Supercarrier' in 1988 in which he reprised his movie role of Chief Sam Rivers, 'Spenser for Hire' in 1985 as Lt. Martin Quirk, 'At Ease in 1983 as Major Hawkins and 'Salvage 1' as Jack Klinger in 1979. He starred in 'Banyon' as Police Lt. Pete McNeil.

Birth Name . . . Krista Allen-Moritt
Birthdate . . . April 5, 1972
Birthplace . . . Ventura, California
Current Residence . . . Hollywod Duplex, Los Angeles, California
Marital Status . . . married to Justin Moritt, film producer (September 14, 1996)
Hair/Eyes . . . Dark Brown/Hazel
Height/weight . . . unavailable
Heritage . . . Irish and Portuguese
Education . . . College/University of Texas
Parents . . . father Dalton, mother Katherine, divorced
Children . . . Son, Jacob Nolan Moritt (12 July 1997)
Siblings . . . brother Dal Jr
Start in show business . . . as a teenager modeled in her hometown of Houston, Texas, won the title of 'Miss Texas'
Hobbies/Interests . . . loves children, animals, poetry, antiques, artwork and charities
Pets . . . Lucky & Muppet (two dogs)

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