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Jason is a versatile actor of film, TV, theatre and stand up comedy. Jason was brought up in Los Angeles. In college, he pursued different majors. He even had a business, but found that it was not for him. So Jason placed some of his profits toward acting. He discovered that he was made for the business. He found an agent and got his career started.

He auditioned for BW as a guest star in 1993. But shortly before the filming began, Jason won the role of Peter Blake on CBS daytime soap 'Days of Our Lives.' He made his debut on August 6, 1993. When he started on 'DAYS,' Peter Blake was an iffy character. Jason came in prepared and thinking that he had one day on the show. He decided to be bold and rambled off some dialogue. His theatrical experience helped him here. He was familiar with how to break down a character very quickly. It was a one-day role and then the status was changed to recurring. The character then went to contract.

Jason then married longtime steady, Corrine on February 20, 1994 after a six year courtship.

Their parents felt cheated, so they decided to throw a post-wedding celebration that summer in the month of August, on a Saturday night. His mother went all out, planning it perfectly for the formal event. But then Jason and the cast of 'DAYS' got a schedule change. They had to work on that Saturday. Jason figured that they would be finished shooting around eight o'clock at the latest. The shoot was scheduled for the whole night. He tried telling his mother that he would not be able to make it through her protests. She couldn't grasp how it worked. She just told Jason that they would just have to change the shoot. Being new on the show, he figured that he couldn't make any demands, so he just mentioned it to the producers. He didn't think that anything could be done, but the producers were very kind and changed the shoot to Friday night. Jason really was grateful for that.

He has had recurring on 'Friends'/NBC, a recurring role on 'The Pretender'/NBC as Thomas Gates, 'Early Edition'/CBS and 'The New Love Boat'/UPN. Films include CBS' 'Three Secrets' with Jacqueline Smith (Charlie's Angels' Kelly Garrett/ABC), Tyne Daly (Cagney & Lacey/CBS) and Cameron Finley (BW Hawaii's Tanner Sloan); 'Alibi'/ABC with Tori Spelling and 'The Darwin Conspiracy'/UPN.

In 1995, he was named the 'Outstanding Villain' at the '11th Annual Soap Opera Awards.'

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